Caño Cristales River – Haiku – 2022

Caño Cristales River, Colombia – Image Credit: © Vaclav Sebek / Dreamstime

rainbows escape

turning water into wine blooms

four covenant months


Remarks: The Caño Cristales River in Columbia is a remarkable natural wonder. Under optimum river conditions, its green algae turn rainbow-colored reds, blues, etc, four times each year (May, July, October, and November).

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32 thoughts on “Caño Cristales River – Haiku – 2022

  1. This is so interesting! I’ve never heard of this river before. It’s on my list. I love how you connect your haikus to these wonders. I’m learning a lot!

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  2. Striking piece and such an interesting and most beautiful river. Thank you for sharing this, I would love to see this and photograph it. Sending my love to you and yours, Joni

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