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Chapter 8

[Eight o’clock in the morning, mid-city London in the master bedroom of The Grandamme II. Nella is laying prone on the settee at the foot of her sister Triaca’s four-poster bed. Nella continues her pretense of being paralyzed by the drug her sister Triaca administered half an hour ago…]

“Oh bloody hell, sod off…give that drill to me, you are wasting time. Get some more of your team inside here to hold her down, Mr. Kaine. The neighbors no doubt have heard the bloody ruckus we made earlier.” Muttered Triaca snatching the dentist-like drill from The fake Colonel’s trembling hands, as he wiped his brow dripping with beads of nervous sweat.

Nella listened. Moments later, she heard the footsteps of about a dozen men and women enter her sister Triaca’s master bedroom.

Shortly thereafter, Nella heard several more pairs of footsteps march into the master bedroom and then stop purposefully at her side. Suddenly, she felt strong hands pressing on her limbs. She counted three pairs of hands restraining her arms and legs on either side.

Nella surmised that in addition to the six mercenaries holding her in check, there were thirteen more moving about in the master bedroom.

Moreover, Nella assumed correctly, from her past encounter with him, that the distinctive swagger of Jimmy Choo fashion boots thudding at an authoritative clip marching back and forth in the master bedroom—was that of Mr. Raptor Kaine.

Then, he spoke exhorting his mercenary team—he barked clipped orders:

“Keep your eyes peeled everyone! Don’t let anyone in here! Cover the windows closely, but stay out of sight! Weapons ready, safeties off everyone. Stay frosty!”

Then, Mr. Kaine’s footsteps stopped near Nella’s right side. He spoke to Triaca,

“All clear Boss, we are ready for whatever they (the authorities) might throw at us. And your escape… is that ready?”

“Yes, no sooner than I get this probe inside her (Nella’s) armor I can download the specs for the hologram program. My clients are not patient people. It should take two minutes or so. Then I am out of here. Your people can “clean up” and dispose of her (meaning Nella)…you know…without any trace back to me, that is.”

“Understood. We will cover your egress in case the Coppers get here earlier than anticipated.”

“Ah! Don’t worry about them! Their response time is forty-five minutes to one hour at least. I should be long gone via the catacombs by then, Mr. Kaine.”

Then Triaca leaned over Nella with the dentist-like drill whirring in her right hand. Nella could feel the strong arms of Triaca’s mercenaries fastening her arms and legs to the plush settee at the foot of her sister’s four-poster bed.

Nella was grateful that Mr. Kaine’s mercenaries were so diligent in holding down her arms and wrists. With their hands cupping her wrists they obscured her hand movements from her sister’s view.

Therefore Nella was able to negotiate unobserved, the very slight wrist movements necessary to summon her hologram program to cast a copy of herself downstairs, in front of “The Cheese Room.”

And then…with successive slight wrist movements, Nella caused her hologram image now projected outside “The Cheese Room’s closed doors), to blink on and off in the following pattern:

-.. — — — … -.. .- -.–

Meanwhile downstairs in The Grandamme II’s pristine garden…

“Are the charges, the bobcat machines, and the inflated airbags ready in “The Cheese Room, brother?” asked Rooftop crouched beside her brother Rigger in The Grandamme II’s garden under their see-through bulletproof shield.

“Yes, everything is good to go. Better put in your earplugs, Sis. It will be very l-o-u-d. I added some of the pyrotechnic tricks our forefathers used long ago in the fabled King Solomons’s mines to scare off looters.”

“Excellent! And it seems to me that the tear gas has dissipated enough —we can remove our masks.” Rooftop advised. “I better phone Siela and The Earl to ready the Merlin helicopter for lift off.

Suddenly, while they were speaking..

Nella’s hologram in full nanobot armor flickering on and off appeared in front of “The Cheese Room’s” closed doors.

With her back briefly turned away from “The Cheese Room” Rooftop continued to dial her sister Siela and The Earl who waited just five minutes away to join “the surprise” via a fully armed Merlin helicopter.

Then, Rigger grabbed his sister’s arm. He said,

“Look…look it is one of Nella’s holograms!”

Then Rooftop and Rigger immediately grasped that Nella had found a way to use her hologram to send a repeating Morse Code message:—

“…D A Y_ D O O M S D A Y_ D O O M…”

Rooftop whispered to her bother and into her cellphone to her sister Siela (for the phone call had connected in the interim), “…It’s a go! Everybody move…move…!”


Meanwhile, upstairs in The Grandamme II’s master bedroom…

It had been an excruciating five minutes for Nella.

Triaca continued to drill mercilessly into Nella’s nanobot armor. Nella could sense negative vibes envelop the room as her sister groaned with malicious intent frustrated that she continued to be thwarted by an unrelenting microscopic army of valiant nanobot warriors.

“Bloody hell, this is not as easy as I though…”

Suddenly Triaca’s words were cut short.

The explosive blast of the two sticks of dynamite violently shook the floor. The walls rumbled and heaved but held fast. The dual-blast of dynamite spewed concrete chards, and wood debris in separate plumes on two opposing edges of the master bedroom’s floor farthest from the entrance door.

The sound’s deafening cacophony vaulted rudely to the eardrums of all in the master bedroom. Except, Nella’s nanobots protected her ears and eyes, and sealed her goggles in place on her armor’s nanobot fabric hood.

Without warning the master bedroom’s floor gave way…

The floor teetered and then nosedived in a controlled slide sideways and downwards. The beleaguered floor careened sharply but, remained, however, in one saucer-like piece like The Enterprise – NCC1701 taking a hit from a Klingon Battlecruiser over the prison planet Rura Penthe.

The floor bumped and swayed its occupants as it wedged itself “landing” at a steep angle. The floor was now jammed up against the wall just below the window near the master bedroom’s balcony exit.

The master bedroom’s floor heaved and swayed, seemingly out of control like a Coney Island ride at Epcot Center Midway. Then suddenly the floor abruptly jolted and nosedived a further thirteen centimeters.

Then everything stopped in eerie deceptive silence, like the calm inside the eye of a hurricane.

Fear in the master bedroom was palpable. You could cut it with a cheese slicer. And panic grated almost every occupant’s last nerve.

Shrieks and screams could be heard from around the sunken floor.

“What’s happening?” Yelled one female mercenary letting go of her grip on Nella’s wrist and diving to the floor.

“An earthquake! I can’t see, bugger all!” Shrieked another mercenary, as he too dove for cover scampering under Triaca’s four-poster bed.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom floor continued its slide, along with everything and everyone, towards the window, swaying, heaving, lurching in an apparently haphazard fashion.

Rooftop raced from the garden into The Grandamme II and leaped as she hustled at break-neck speed up the stairs to the master bedroom door. Crouching on her haunches, Rooftop positioned herself outside the master bedroom’s closed door— in case anyone inside tried to make a run for it. She did not have to wait long…

Then Rigger adding insult to injury remotely launched the pyrotechnic display he had hidden in the master bedroom’s recessed ceiling light fixtures.

The pyrotechnic display erupted in sequential order around the room like a hand spinning a firecracker, “fourth of July” style. The already clouded room was now filled with hundreds of tiny red and blue flaming sparks that whistled as they shot downward from the recessed ceiling light fixtures.

Then suddenly, from above in the sky over The Grandamme II’s master bedroom’s roof…

Coming in fast… the Merlin Helicopter halted in a hover over The Grandamme II’s master bedroom’s roof. Wasting no time, Siela fired a grappling hook attached to a long cable from the Merlin helicopter.

Seated in the Merlin helicopter next to Siela, The Earl readied a concussion grenade and opened the small window on his left. He held his left hand poised outside the helicopter’s window—grenade in hand ready for deployment.

Siela then banked the Merlin helicopter to the right. Her maneuver caused the grappling hook to sway back and forth ripping open the master bedroom’s roof. Shingles and wood chards spewed downwards and outwards, raining debris into the once impeccable garden. The result—the master bedroom’s roof popped open like a cold beer can on a hot summer day.

Then skillfully, The Earl tossed the concussion grenade with precision into the gaping hole that once was The Grandamme II’s master bedroom’s roof.

Immediately, Nella saw her “opening…”

Nella flung her body into the air, and with well-rehearsed precision, she grabbed the swinging grappling hook. Immediately, she was taken up into the London morning sky, on a heading away from The Grandamme II.

However, Triaca although dazed and temporarily deafened by the concussion grenade, kept her well-honed wits about her. Triaca somehow sensed that her sister would no doubt vault her body in the air in some form of what Triaca considered to be “ridiculous acrobatic insanity” which Nella had practiced regularly since they were children.

Therefore, Triaca reached out and grabbed Mr. Kaine and yanked his Walther PPK/S from his underarm holster. Triaca unable to see through the dense smoke and debris, nonetheless she opened fire shooting haphazardly overhead.

Alertly, Mr. Kaine grabbed Triaca and The fake Colonel shouting, “…Incoming!”

The three lunged headlong to the still teetering and heaving floor just in time, as a barrage of armor-piercing rounds from the aft guns onboard the Merlin helicopter laid down cover fire for Nella still dangling from the grappling hook. Then the helicopter climbed into the morning sky away from The Grandamme II and hoisted Nella to safety.

Then, The Earl onboard The Merlin helicopter with Nella now safely on board dialed “999” to Emergency services. He reported an armed disturbance at The Grandamme II.

Meanwhile, Triaca abandoned Mr. Kaine and The fake Colonel, with the quip, “Everyone for themselves. See you around.”

Triaca then made her way crawling cautiously, commando style on the teetering floor of her now sunken master bedroom floor. Dust and debris made visibility difficult. Moreover, her ears were still ringing from the concussion grenade tossed from the Merlin helicopter.

Triaca crawled, feeling her way in the rubble looking for the hatch handle to open the bookcase (now toppled in situ) to open the secret door to the stairs down to “The Cheese Room.”

…Finally, she found the latch and yanked it with her full body weight …It did not budge.

Triaca was unaware that one of the bobcat machines laden with the airbags holding up the sunken master bedroom floor had been strategically placed to block her egress down the secret stairs from the master bedroom.

Cursing herself for not anticipating this outcome, Triaca now began to drag herself along the wall groping its edges hoping to find the main entrance door to her master bedroom.

The last thing Triaca saw as she climbed up from the sunken floor and pulled the master bedroom’s entrance door handle —was Rooftop’s fist socking her in the right jaw.


Out cold, Triaca did not hear the sirens as the authorities, who surprisingly, arrived at The Grandamme II rather swiftly, a few moments later.

Mr. Raptor Kaine however, slipped out of his kevlar and his mercenary camouflage jumpsuit to reveal the fake London police officer uniform he wore underneath.

Then field Agent Raptor Kaine checked the wire (concealed recording device) he had worn taped to his chest for the past two days. His wire had recorded Triaca in her own words, confessing her plans to forcibly confine her sister and to steal top secret Tailor technology to sell to the highest bidder.

Agent Kaine then took advantage of the throngs of London Police officers coming and going from The Grandamme II during the arrests, to slip away unnoticed via the catacombs to The Baccarract Bar exit.

Two hours later…

Now dressed in a business suit, Agent Raptor Kaine boarded the London tube at Sloane Square heading towards his ultimate destination—Vauxhall Cross (MI6 Headquarters).

Unbeknownst to Nella or any of The Tailors, several clandestine agencies had kept close tabs on her sister’s criminal activities over the past year based on a tip from Triaca’s own London dressmaker.


*** *Coming Next Week Sunday: “The Templar Stone“***

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