Altar -Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

Entrance doors: Seville Cathedral, Andalusia, Spain – Image credit: Berthold Werner / Wikimedia CCO

out of the rubble

faith’s altar raises golden

gothic chalices


Built atop the ruins of an older church, Seville Cathedral, Spain began construction in the early 1400s with ongoing additions, subtractions, and revisions spanning the centuries up to the 1800s. The building is reportedly the largest gothic architecture-styled Catholic Church in the world. Seville Cathedral is the resting place for many of Spain’s greats including (albeit, not conclusively so), Christopher Columbus.

Trivia: Seville Cathedral houses the world’s largest ‘altarpiece’ featuring 44 real gold-covered carvings depicting New Testament Bible stories.

Altar Mayor-Seville Cathedral: Image credit:


Below is a wider angle of Seville Cathedral’s main entrance or “Door of Assumption”

“Door of Assumption”/ Main Entrance, Seville Cathedral: Image credit:

Written for #ThursdayDoors – Dan Antion @ No Facilities

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57 thoughts on “Altar -Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

    1. Amazing craftwork, I cannot even begin to try to determine how some of the work was done back in time when modern high tech tools were not available.
      Blessings on your day. I pray that you are doing well inch by inch. Have a great day, my friend.

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  1. I love how you captured the spirit of this amazing church in your poem, Suzette. The church is beautiful and I enjoyed learning about its history. Thanks for including that.

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    1. I like your word “spirit” here Dan. It is impossible to carve words to express this much grandeur. I was hoping that the few syllables would at least express the spirit of the whole. Thank you for your discernment.

      And thank you for all the work hosting Thursday Doors. Cheers


  2. I am just so overwhelmed, verging upon envy or jealousy at the magnitude of work of these artists. In awe of the legacy they left behind which you so poignantly express in your haiku – Out of the rubble. Such magnificence would appear. And one is inspired to say that they plyed their trade without fear or favour. They just did the work they were called to do in the Middle Ages.
    The entrance doors look so simple compared to the embellished architecture surrounding it.

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    1. I am grateful for your honesty. You said what I was thinking throughout the preparations for this post. I too was envious of the epic talent of the crafts people who built and adorned this building inside and out with their superlative talent and without “modern” technology! Thank you for your candor.

      True, one cannot help but be inspired by this building to share one’s own talents/gift for some greater purpose as these artisans did so long ago.
      The entrance is usually more modest in the gothic style so that the inner grandeur and the entire building’s architecture can take center stage.

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      1. I find that so amazing, that the path of our thoughts crossed and found ourselves aligned in these sentiments. I do feel strongly about them, considering the history of construction and the destruction of historical infrastructure of architectural significance. Think about it, people produced, wrote and painted with minimal daylight, working with oil through the night.

        Oh I see, that’s the intention with the simplicity of the entrance. That’s awesomeness all over.
        Such a wonderful share. Thank you Poet.

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      2. My heart bursts with awe at these artisans working under candlelight and with a few tools. Yes, I agree with you and I do indeed think about it, for sure. Well said.

        My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it.
        Happy Thursday. Blessings be with you.

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      3. Absolutely. People just dont give attention to the significance of work by candlelight and the preparation it took to work by candlelight or the flame of a lamp, whether you were a doctor, nurse, writer or painter.

        Happy Thursday, thank you, and much blessings too.

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    1. Yes, I agree with your point of view. The door is lovely…but the environment and the altar are a whole other level of the spectacular.
      Glad you enjoyed the sharing.
      Happy Friday Janet.


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