Words – A Cuarteto Poem #Poetry Challenge

Sussex, U.K – Image credit: Mark Wordy / flickr

Words, jewel garden florals thyme and time

sashes upon imagination’s bouquet garni.

When life’s loofah strums discord’s chime

pen-stirred solace simmers soul’s bain-marie.


Written for Rebecca Cuningham @ Fake Flamenco July 2022 Poetry challenge

**This month Rebecca challenges us to write in the Spanish-styled rhyming four-line stanza format, called a cuarteto. And, the topic is what inspires you to write?

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50 thoughts on “Words – A Cuarteto Poem #Poetry Challenge

  1. You know what is funny about poems is that not everyone can write it.

    It is like a rhythm of the silence of the mind which has a very melodious tone of essence.

    Nice poem over there❀️

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