Calgary Stampede – Haiku 2022

Saddledome Stadium, Calgary, Alberta Canada – Image Credit: Bernard Spragg / flickr

clouds bridle their rains

a city fairground saddles

thundering hooves

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52 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede – Haiku 2022

    1. Glad you like it. The Saddledome at the center of the photo took years and bucket loads of money to build. And a few years later, another fortune was spent on repairs due to the very heavy rains which Calgary endures annually. You are right this dome is quite unique. Its architects received a national award for this design.
      Trivia: The Saddledome is run by a non-profit organization and is owned by the City of Calgary. 🀠

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  1. I gather there is alot happening in the dome throughout the year.

    The clouds are just such a precious metaphor for all situations.
    I gather you are referring to people descending upon the dome or stadium?

    I doubt I could follow the clouds in this regard for much anymore…lol
    I will get lost in the jostling crowd.

    Sounds exciting, enjoy.

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    1. Sorry my original spelling was incorrect. It is the Saddledome not Saddleback.
      Yes, the Saddledome is a big ticket premiere event place big pop and country music stars performances. For the Calgary Stampede which starts today, a huge party called “powwow” take place in the Saddledome.

      Rain has been a “feature” in July in Calgary, with torrential downpours lacing the sky.
      Therefore, denizens hope each year for good weather for the long standing fair which began from humble beginnings in the 1800’s to the World’s Largest Outdoor Rodeo.

      So the hope is for good weather for the fair. But of course you are right, the metaphor was ever present in the line.

      So famous is the Calgary Stampede that famous personalities and even royalty attend as Grand Marshall.
      This year, Kevin Costner is Calgary Stampede Parade Grand Marshall. Costner is currently starring in the successful series “Yellowstone” about a ranching family’s daily life.

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      1. Oh thank you for sharing the background to the marquee event happening in the city, this July.
        The outdoor rodeoing and ranch living reminds me of an old series we use to watch. I just can’t get to the name. I some characters names Sue-Ellen, Bobby but I can’t get to the main characters name…lol.
        I pray for good weather then. Events rich in tradition makes for great tourism. Playgrounds for the rich and also the famous, not forgetting the beautiful. Festivals are generally just wonderful.

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      2. I could be mistaken but I think you refer to “Dallas” and the famous “JR”
        A great cast of actors in that series!!

        I add my prayers for good weather for the longest running biggest Summer event on this side of Canada (I don’t live in Calgary; but am a few hours away in the neighboring western province).
        Festivals are great memory makers. A time for connection and reconnecting.

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      3. Lol, thanks exactly, DALLAS it is.
        The series ran for years, I think I stopped watching beginning of the eighties πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚. Yes their ranch woes kept us glued.
        Absolutely, that’s what they do. Pray for good weather too.

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      1. The roof also looks like a Saddle.
        Oh that’s cool. So no other NGO gets a chance to run the show.
        It is just an ongoing contract for one NPO then.
        I think my side of the world it would cause an uproar.

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      2. Yes a saddle. Very cute and apt for that town’s history.
        Just one NGO and no there is no displeasure as far as I know of the sole operating license.
        I understand how that would cause a stir. But we Canadians are pretty easy going folk. Not the uproar type here..Lol

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      3. Lol, more matured electorate I gather.
        Yes it takes many years to reach that standard of maturity. I’m sure in the past times were as rough as ours.
        Oh how I pray for a matured and gracious world too.
        It’s not easy dealing with cowboys and crooks. Lol.

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      4. Your history is a long standing legacy. Ours is a nation of people from all over the world, looking for safety and a new home from the turmoil in their original homeland. This welcoming of the exodus has gone on in Canada for centuries. It is therefore my opinion, that this impetus for a new place to escape from the perils of the world, fosters our very calm laid back attitude.

        And I agree with you that the world could do well with leaders that respect humanity and follow wise counsel in protecting freedoms. Amen to your prayers.

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      5. Well at the onset of migration and settlers coming to settle in the area overthere came with pretty rough times as well. Over the years, that raw skin of dealing with conflict was shed and people found ways to make a living.
        With the modern exodus into Canada I think that the country is just stronger and richer to absorb other nations into their daily living.
        We on the other hand are dealing with the lack of basics for our own people and the absorption proceses have been to say the least, horrific.
        Besides, like with Canada we have a high level of mental health issues to deal with.
        We have largely a dictator syndrome to deal with and there is hardly a national identity. We just split in so many ways, the interferences to us gaining a national identity at times become unbearable.
        We definitely sail stormy seas, comparatively speaking.

        Our whole world indeed.
        And Amen.

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      6. Well said! I agree with your assessment of the state of our two nations. Yes, tolerance grows with each generation; let us hope that it evolves into sensible thinking on the part of leaders.
        Our whole world too!
        Amen, Amen!

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      7. Thank you Poet.
        I’m happy that I could share these with you.
        There is so much avant-garde thought out there
        I can only pray at this season of my life that the thought leaders can steer the collective thinking into maturity.

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