75 thoughts on “Room in view – Haiku 2022

  1. Yes!!! Dressed in turquoise ( I havent read of this colour in a long long time)
    I would have to change the bench
    For my slowly approaching exquisite summer though.

    Otherwise the decor is just perfect
    There is where I would love to rekax in the cool of the day.

    Two Rooms: luxuriously described,
    The inner reflecting the outer,
    And so we must strive.

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      1. Yes, I haven’t seen the colour turquoise as a muse for the Poet’s in a while. Such a precious stone as well. Even aquamarine lies quietly.

        Beautiful lines Poet, have a blessed Friday too.
        Thank you.

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      2. In fact my thoughts in trying to write something were faraway w by the ocean this morning, then I read your poetry. The lake looking serene in turquoise. Afterwards Aquamarine, sentient gem of the open sea came to me, and I thought how quiet she is. Thank you.

        You are welcome.

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      3. We are obviously talking from two different rooms with the same view.
        I most definitely felt deeply for the quieting Aquamarine.
        When certain colours fade from the Poet’s life and musing, for me it is always sad, like DΓ©jΓ  vu.
        That takes getting use too.

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      4. Colors are always there in the wings of my mind. Never letting go waiting for another wisp of an idea to shade in the corners.
        Two different rooms with the same view..great point well said. πŸ‘Œ

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    1. Thank you Jeff for your contemplation and perspective on the poem. Your point about nature and humanity is so rich! Blessings on your weekend. Travel safe. my friend. Cheers


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