Candelabra – Haiku 2022 Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

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passing the baton

Spring hands off a Strawberry Moon

Summer’s candelabra


Written for Eugi’s weekly prompt – Strawberry Moon – June 14, 2022

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

32 thoughts on “Candelabra – Haiku 2022 Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

  1. Strawberry moons are betwixting
    An Exquisite Garniture
    I would love the Candelabra set in a pendant and wear it at all my coming and goings.
    What a glorious race
    Spring ran, full of life
    Light and playful energy
    Passing the baton
    Candelabra, dressed in dreams of an
    endless Summer

    You write the most gorgeous haikus for the moon.

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    1. You use the most marvellous expressions. I love the idea of “betwixting” …so apt to the Strawberry moon’s aura and mystique.
      Thank you for your delightful and thoughtful comments.
      I love the moon — it’s a mystery, wonder and a gift all wrapped in one… ✍ 😊
      Happy Friday!

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      1. Thank you Poet.
        So true, the Moon can inspire the most enchanting and unforgettable stories. Same with me, I’m captivated by the moon.
        Happy Friday to you too.

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