Naval – Haiku 2022 #Thursday Doors

121 Blake Road, Annapolis Maryland – US Naval College Chapel Doors – Image credit: tripadvisor

guardians in bronze

inner naval sanctum to

the ship of Peace


The six-meter plus high bronze outer doors at 121 Blake Road, Annapolis Maryland is the entrance to the U.S. Naval College Chapel. The bronze doors, a gift from US Naval Academy’s class of 1868 alumni were installed in 1909, a shield to the pair of wooden doors to the Chapel (*See below for details on the bronze carvings).

Trivia: These bronze doors endured years of weathered decay into modern times. Efforts at low-cost restoration with acid garnered lacklustre results. Finally, in 2018 a generous gift from the graduating class of 1968 alumni funded a full restoration of the doors. The funds were even enough to set up an endowment for the doors’ regular upkeep extending their brilliance for generations to come.

Below you will find a closeup of the bronze doors’ carvings: in the top segment – the personification of Science, and in the bottom segment – a mother teaches her son rudimentary fighting skills.

121 Blake Road, Annapolis. Maryland: US Naval College Chapel Doors: Image credit: interest

Wider angle of the US Naval Academy Chapel fascade below:

U S. Naval Academy Chapel, Annapolis – Image credit: Craig Fildes / flickr

Written for #Thursday Doors, Dan Antion @ nofacilities

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42 thoughts on “Naval – Haiku 2022 #Thursday Doors

  1. Oh my word, I’ve never visited Maryland. I should travel there and check out these amazing doors, ALSO

     🚒The bronze doors, a gift from US Naval Academy’s class of 1868 alumni were installed in 1909, a shield to the pair of wooden doors to the Chapel🚒

    Get to know these wonderful stories

    🚒graduating class of 1968🚒

    Of these amazing people.

    I love the navy, and this looks like a great learning academy

    You do the carvings and Maryland Naval Academy proud with your haiku
    🚒naval sanctum🚒
    Blessing the umbilical chord
    With Peace

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    1. I would love to visit Maryland too. So much history on protecting the oceans and its shores.
      The Academy is indeed the place of learning for many. Some famous in the Navy of course and in other walks of life.

      I was delighted beyond words.. with your analogy of the umbilical cord…perfect, Brava!

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      1. Sounds like a great place to be and live. Being up north, you must make the visit someday.
        I shall make a cyber trip thay way.

        Thank you, it was so visible in my eyes reading the haiku. πŸ‘

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  2. Like the last line of your poem “ship of peace.” A mother teaching her son fighting skills – now, that is interesting:)
    Have a lovely weekend, Emille

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    1. Thank you. So pleased you like the line. And yes, the carving is unique in many ways…the bronze door’s second segment’s statement is a very forward thinking idea indeedπŸ‘


  3. What a coincidence, Richard, the photographer, just sailed from the Caribbean to Annapolis. They planned to have one day at the end to explore the city. I wonder if he’ll visit this site! Maggie

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