Strawberry Moon – Senryū 2022

Image credit: lmp13 / Pixabay

abandoned wheels

scarlet in a strawberry moon

ideas ripen yield

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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29 thoughts on “Strawberry Moon – Senryū 2022

  1. Brighter and Larger
    Nostalgic beauty
    Lost wheels
    Keep on turning

    Before Wednesday evening

    Beautiful word placing Poet
    Enjoy these sightings.

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    1. Blessings and renewed vigor as the earth wheel spins a super moon this month in the Northern hemiphere sending rejuvenation around the earth’s orbital sphere. Blessings to new cyles and rekindling of nostalgic fortunes.

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      1. Amen, take the time to appreciate how far you have come. And as you take on new challenges may your horizons expand- stay open to new paths revealing themselves to you.
        Blessings Poet.

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