Purple Crown – Haiku 2022

Dianthus Hollandia “Purple Crown” – Image credit: mullerseeds.com

purple crown in bloom

modernity’s ancestral toil

gardens and flowers

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22 thoughts on “Purple Crown – Haiku 2022

  1. Oh they are so gorgeous,
    For one moment I thought that these stunners are family of the hydrangea.

    Then I had to look again, like the Sweet Williams they are indeed antiquitie’s modernity and family of the carnations.
    Everything about these lovelies are pruned and crowned in royalty, also delightfully edible.
    Versatile beauties.

    Exquisite poetry.

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    1. So beautiful. You are right in their regal pomp…I did not know they were edible! Thank you for that info.
      So pleased that you enjoyed the poem.
      Happy Sunday! May His Peace and blessings be your absolute comfort.

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      1. Love the word Pomp
        They are indeed Regal.

        Yes, they are one of those edible royals.

        Thank you, wishing you the same.
        Have a great Sunday

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