Committee’s Punch Bowl – Haiku 2022

The Committee’s Punch Bowl, British Columbia / Alberta Canada – Image credit: Alison Sekera

two oceans one

Continental Divide pours

Committee’s Punch Bowl


The Committee’s Punch Bowl is a geological marvel in Western Canada. It is a small basin of water that straddles two provinces and empties eventually into not one, but two oceans (The Arctic Ocean from its north side and The Pacific Ocean from its south).

This basin also marks the middle of the Continental Divide. The original Committee of the Hudson Bay Company trade route encouraged travelers to this spot, to drink a toast (initially, of water; now of rum) to commemorate their visit to this natural wonder.

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47 thoughts on “Committee’s Punch Bowl – Haiku 2022

  1. Such a classic natural vessel
    Filled with buckets and buckets
    Of heavens booze and punch.
    Looks like a super place to getaway and get together
    Celebrating the reason for this natural wonder
    Serving both sides –

    Amazing, the plans of the Great Sculptor,
    Crystal clear
    in defining haiku.

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