About-face – Senryū 2022 #WDYS 136

Image credit: Mohammed Hassan / Unsplash

sorrow joy’s cradle

emotions mascara drawing

an about-face


Written for Sadje’s #Whatdoyousee 136

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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43 thoughts on “About-face – Senryū 2022 #WDYS 136

  1. The haiku is seriously sad
    set in funny language
    So, I can’t help laughing
    How you play with these paints
    And their names, belonging to the collection of About-face.

    Sorry about the pain and sorrow

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    1. Well said! There is joy but sorrow comes with it. The yin yang of all things. This was a photo prompt from Sadje. I had to go where the photo took me. Life is the balance in all things. A rose has thorns…
      In this world we will have troubles. But He is with us. Amen

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      1. Yes, you did mention that Sadje set the image as prompt
        Reflective photography expressing a poignant love story, depression or tragedy, were my first thoughts.
        It’s your wording that made me smile and laugh, after I found out that about-us is actually the name of a makeup brand. And then i saw emotional mascara, there too I was amused thinking that you are playing with words. Sadly funny.
        The yin-yang
        Rose & thorns
        Brings context.
        Thank you.

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