Cool of Day – Haiku 2022 #WDYS 135

Image credit: free photo / pxfuel

a walk in the woods

well worn soul remembers the path

in the cool of day


Written for Sadje’s #Whatdoyousee 135 – May 23, 2022

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

47 thoughts on “Cool of Day – Haiku 2022 #WDYS 135

      1. Lol,
        Thank you for appreciating the liberty i took.

        I feel the soul
        And I found it so sweet that even in the cool of the day,
        His memory remains sharp

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  1. When I walk and hike in the forest, there is always a deep connection present. A solitude known only otherwise to me in meditation. Peaceful and tranquil, like this lovely poem, Suzette.

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