Empire – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

Deutsche Orientbank Building/Hotel, Istanbul – Image credit: Hackenberg / Alamy

ancient empire

its doors history pages

hinging its Skyfall


Written for Thursday Doors – Dan Antion @ No Facilities


This wooden doorway enveloped in neo-classic styled marble and granite is the entrance to one of Istanbul’s first office highrises. Designed by August Jasmund, the Deutsche Orientbank, in Istanbul’s Ottoman financial district, was originally completed in 1906.

In 2021, following 18 years of beyond-lavish upgrades, the building was transformed into one of Marriot’s ‘Autograph Collection’ Hotels.

Trivia: In 2012 these doors were featured in the opening scene of the James Bond movie Skyfall. In that scene, “Bond” (Daniel Craig) stepped out of this archway and climbed into the Landrover Defender driven by Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris). A car chase of unfathomable perils with a black Audi immediately ensued.

A wider angle of the facade below:

Image credit: Booking.com

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61 thoughts on “Empire – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

  1. So much history wrapped up in this powerful haiku,
    End of an era
    Skyfall aptly placed
    With modern story of its own
    Was it german architecture?
    Or just the commerce german &orient relationship.?
    Turkey and Germany come a long way, still there are so much unsettled business or should i say grievances…

    Look what your Empire Haiku has done!!!
    So many questions
    Wanting answers.

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    1. Happy that you enjoyed the history and drama tied into this fascinating door straddling many history. The architecture is Ottoman- Prussian, no German to my limited knowledge.
      Yes, the empires fall and grievances paint their walls in history’s annals.
      Ah…sigh yes many questions.

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      1. Prussian, historically linked to Germany, well at some point. Even the name of the architect give me somewhat of a german connection feeling.
        The haiku is a spark and a flame.
        Brilliantly organized.
        Yes I did. Thank you.

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      2. Oh I did not know that linkage. Thank you. I will research that. History is a hobby with me…
        Yes, you are right about the architect. He is famous for a different building… The terminal station of The Orient Express.


      3. Yes, I knew someone who comes from a Prussian background. Her mom was German and her dad was African-American. Her mom grew her up with her maternal grandparents, so she had a special eye for her Prussian side and would bring us into stitches about the Prussian way.
        I thought about her as I was replying. Yes the link is strong.
        The building also look typical of many corner buildings in Germany.
        Great that it was turned into a hotel.

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      4. Excellent details! You brought more richness to this post. Thank you.
        Yes, must be quite the destination to stay at such an historic place in Instanbul. Awesomeness .


      5. Thank you Poet. I delight in these things, the spark of writers and poets that light up my own thinking.
        Truly it should be, spending the night in an old bank.

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  2. That is an awesome door. Excellent photo of it and of the wider view of the building. I’ll be on the lookout for it next time I watch Bond…unless I am lucky enough to stay there in person someday.

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      1. Indeed, and agreed. I can hear them whisper of those stories from the old hinges you wrote of. Youโ€™re welcome. Always. Thank you, Suzette. Many blessings to you too.

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