Namib – A Short Story – #WDYS 133

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This strange-looking tree is alive and not dead.

Legend has it that an elephant saved the life of the Nephalim, a giant that fell from the sky eons ago. Centuries later, when the mighty floods that were written of in the Nag Hamadi came over the land, and after the ill-fated deluge subsided, this once lush plain, became a desert.

As a gift to the elephants, the Nephalim before he took his last breath in the deluge, turned himself into this tree. Its immortal roots collect water from deep aquifers, whenever starry nights appear.

Folklore says that nowadays, eons later, thanks to the Nephalim, whenever the ancient rulers of the Namib, the elephants, journey to this strange tree, they know that they always will find water in its living roots. A secret passed down from one great matriarch to another among the elephants of the Namib desert.

***The End***

Written for Sadje’s What do you see # 133 – May 9, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Namib – A Short Story – #WDYS 133

  1. Told like a true African legend, Suzette! I’ve been to the southern end of the Namib desert. It’s a strange and beautiful place. Sadly I saw no elephants. I think those remaining are further north.

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  2. I flew along the coast of the magnificent Namib desert, it is a sight to behold, with one of the best pilots at the controls. An unforgettable flight, my best, I was on awe of its beauty, in contrast to the coast, its dancing spine.
    Now I learn of legendary tales from these mysterious golden dunes, fascinating.

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