Pressed or not – A Poem In Free Verse

An oracle of sorts; soothsayer too

a personal Delphi prophesying sleep.

Crisp hotel corners

fitted for kings and queens

robe four-poster silhouettes.

Modern fibers woven

on history’s indigo looms.

Permanent pressed or not; unburdens

the weary soul


Its full-fitted embrace.


This month, Rebecca Cuningham @ Fake Flamenco invites us to write in free verse, up to 14 lines describing a mystery person, place, or thing. And then, you my friends, will try to guess who, where or what it is! Can you guess this one?

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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49 thoughts on “Pressed or not – A Poem In Free Verse

  1. I was wondering if you posted already πŸ€”
    I never received any notification
    Probably because my email storage is full. Usually yours came through primary email or did you put a pause on notification?

    What a stunning colour
    I wouldn’t come to indigo if never read your riddled verse

    I see the game is over
    A fitted bedsheet it is.
    Exquisite verse.

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    1. Regarding notifications. I checked them since you mentioned it. All my settings are set to allow everything. WordPress hiccup I guess. Sorry about that.

      Glad you enjoyed the riddle. It was a fun write.
      Yes!! You are correct a bedsheet it is.
      Blessings to you this day. May a thousand journeys always bring you thoughts of home.


      1. Thanks for responding. I actually took to my reader here on WP to see if you had done a morning post already since it was so late in the day, and I never received an email.

        Yeah I could see that. I never untangled the riddle. I saw that you gave the answer away alread.

        And, a Blessed day to you too.
        Thank you for the lovely message.

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      2. Yes, my email is totally clogged. Im cleaning up, but can’t seem to get rid of the message that is insisting i buy storage space. I have to think about a solution. At least I get notifications through WP app.

        Yes, you did and how, the extent is too overwhelming for words 🀣…oh no.

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      3. Oh thank you so much Suzette. I will definitely jump onto that. Although i have a problem, and that is the computer.
        But let me see.

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    1. Well spotted Rebecca! Yes, the photo is of flax blossoms. And yes, flax sheets or bedsheets in general is absolutely Correct.
      I enjoyed this process. Thank you Rebecca for the challenge.😊

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  2. What a gorgeous poem, Suzette. The language is amazing as is the imagery. One of my favorite parts of traveling are the beds, and the sheets that accompany them! Happy Saturday, dear friend.

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