King – Haiku 2022

Real – untouched image: Credit: Douglas Croft / Petapixel

a deep king rises

courtesying to the ocean

exhales a bow

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57 thoughts on “King – Haiku 2022

  1. Oh wow yes!!!
    A royal gesture honouring the deep blue
    The words courtesy and bow are so mindful and perfectly placed, since we know not
    πŸ‘πŸ‘ bravo succint yet full of expression, well done Poet.
    Are they the largest in the species of this aquatic mammal?

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    1. It is quite a fabulous photo. The photographer surely was in the right place at a miracle moment! for your lavish support.
      Good question! I may be mistaken but the artic blue whale is the largest in the species.

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      1. Indeed, at the right moment, and just at that moment, is a great feat. I’m sure the photographer was whale watching.
        I’ve seen these majestic ocean giants lift themselves out from below, defying gravity and giving us a show!!! My camera was too faraway and my hands too slow.
        Yes, I can’t tell which species they are.
        You are most welcome.

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