Thrones – Haiku 2022 #Thursday Doors

Game of Thrones Door #8 – Inside Mary McBride’s Pub – Image credit:

carved gateway

resurrecting the fallen

ascending thrones


Written for Thursday Doors – Dan Antion @ No facilities


Remarks: A modern carved door inside one of Northern Ireland’s oldest pubs —Mary McBride’s (built in 1830) in Cushendun, Ballymena.

Trivia: This door is number eight in a series of ten carved doors depicting scenes from HBO’s Game Of Thrones, Season Six. The lumber for these carvings came from two 18th-century beech trees in Dark Hedges (a Game of Thrones filming location). The two beech trees fell in the aftermath of major storm Gertrude, in January 2016.

Closeup of the door’s top segment:

Image credit: Josh Norbury

Close up of the door’s bottom segment:

Image credit:

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42 thoughts on “Thrones – Haiku 2022 #Thursday Doors

  1. Hey this is what i love about the European and American storytellers and moviemakers. They delve into their past and bring fading crafts to light

    And your haiku aptly describes my respect for the storytellers.

    I love these ancient doors and you did justice to the craft, lifting the past.

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    1. I agree with you! The movies and TV bring those olden days and their crafts to light in interesting and adventurous ways.
      Thank you! It truly is my pleasure to share my passion for doors…doors…and more doors…yay!

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      1. Prolific sculpturing, carving out heroic stories that can be translated into movies and books of novel and poetry. They play a big role in adventure history and thrillers.
        I love them too.

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      2. That’s it.
        People carved out stories on their doors
        Much like the hunter and gatherer painted their caves.
        We must keep this fascinating ancient of days alive.
        Learn to tell them in new ways because there was alot going on back then which many historians never picked up.

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  2. Great find, Suzette. I’m not a GOT fan but I appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of the doors and love that they came from fallen trees. They’re certainly beautiful and even if someone didn’t know about GOT, they appear to beautifully depict some sort of ancient tale so that works too. 🙂


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    1. Wayne, I enjoyed your offering with your personal insights and connection to Northern Ireland and the Game of Thrones doors. Really great writing and interesting details.
      Enjoy the journey of the doors when next you visit them. Doors of any age or lineage have many stories to tell, indeed. It is a privilege to be part of their story, by sharing what we find in them. Cheers.


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