Elixir – A Poem in Prime Verse

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mortal labyrinth

renaissance elixir stirs

a pristine paradox in a cup— life:

sanguine silhouettes,

trysts ‘pon helix stars,

Ethereal spirits—breathing,

weaving daily axioms skirting Earth’s axis

womb tranquil succor

on the Mississippi reading Tom Sawyer


Written for Rebecca Cuningham @ FakeFlamenco

Remarks: This month Rebecca Cuningham at FakeFlameco challenges us to write a poem on the subject: the wonders of experiencing the earth, or the universe. She has created her own poetic form aptly named—Prime Verse, as our writing tablet and muse. Prime Verse is a poem in nine lines. The syllable structure is 5-7-11-7-5-7-11-5-11 in which the final two lines rhyme.

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40 thoughts on “Elixir – A Poem in Prime Verse

  1. Imagine, just sit in awe and wonder-
    Just imagine, you are able to turn a picture into a story, distill a poetice philtre…like this???

    Come let us catch these thirst-quencing spurts cascading from this magical fountain of words.

    Prime Verse
    You are so awesome

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    1. Thank you for your spectacular comment, my friend!
      So pleased the poem resonated/reverberated with form and muse.
      Love your well chosen words…”distill a poetic philter…thirst-quenching …fountain.” – Amazing!! Thank you!
      May blessings and peace cascade within, Cheers.😊

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      1. Thank you for your beautiful appreciation Poet.
        Such an amazing form to gaze upon, how you indulge with us the alchemy of Prime Verse Writing
        Peace and Blessings

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  2. I feel like I am seeing galaxies of stars as I read your lovely prime verse. I appreciate your wonderful contributions to the monthly challenges, Suzette. P.S. I have an unusually spelled last name; Cuningham.

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    1. So glad you enjoyed the writing Joni. I am grateful for your support and thoughtful comments. Blessings to you on your creative endeavors, and in the joy and wonders present in your day today. Peace to you!

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