Storm – Episode 2 – A Short Story

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Episode 1

Episode 2

While Storm performed her barista duties to perfection, brewing Cinnamon and Mrs. Sapna’s specialty coffees; the two women stirred up fresh grinds on San Francisco’s latest Internet celebrities, their favorite barista Storm and her husband Helios Nott.

Waiting in effervescent silence shifting gleefully in her seat until Storm had served the two ladies their second cup of coffee, Cinnamon beamed mysteriously⁠—

“It’s about the oak tree you know!”

“Really, the oak tree? What oak tree, Cinnamon?

“The other day—yes, that was last Thursday when I went to Boo Boo’s Beauty Parlor for my pedicure. Do you know that Helen my manicurist is expecting? And she’s not married. She tried to hide it but… you know it’s not the sort of thing one can “hide” for long. She was all beaming too. I wonder who the father is? She’d been seeing my nephew Boo Boo—but that broke off some months ago. So, by my calculations, he can’t be the father…!

“The oak tree…Cinnamon?”

“Oh yes! Sorry Mrs. Sapna, you know me—I get blindsided by my own thoughts sometimes. My apologies. Now, where were we?”

“The oak tree…??

“Yes, yes_ So, there I was under the hand dryer at Boo Boo’s Beauty Parlor when I heard Mrs. Delaney reading Storm’s post or whatever they call it from their blog. She was reading it word for word…to everyone.”

“Really? How annoying!”

“Anyways, everyone loves Dear Mrs. Delaney, bless her heart. So she read the post which said, and I am only paraphrasing here: Storm dreamt that on the day of the accident when she and her husband Helios were declared dead at the scene, she saw an oak tree crash into their car.

Cinnamon continued: “Helios in his part of the same post said that while he was in Storm’s dream— He did not see a tree!” Apparently, this is a hot topic on their blog. According to Mrs. Delaney, this post has received over a thousand comments! What do you make of that Mrs. Sapna?”

“Well—” said Mrs. Sapna. But before Mrs. Sapna could formulate a reply—Cinnamon answered herself:

“Well, I think it’s like Mr. Delaney said when he came to pick up Mrs. Delaney from Boo Boo’s Beauty Parlor…He said that his doctor, Mr. Harnot told him that his wife Jeanie, the famous psychic, believes that Storm’s dream was more an allegory of the events. Storm saw an oak tree because she wanted to believe that the tree kept their car from falling off the cliff that day.

“And, Helios did not see any tree, oak or otherwise, when he was in Storm’s dream because he had remembered the actual events as they happened on July 7, 2007.”

Then, Cinnamon paused to catch her breath and took a long savoring slurp of her coffee. She continued speaking more softly now as if deep in thought⁠—her voice trailing off into the surrounding chatter at the bustling Cafe.

“And I think…I think that the oak tree is the key to this dream-sharing business between Storm and Helios Nott because…”

“Well Cinnamon, stop with the suspense. What do you think is going on between Storm and her husband and this dream-sharing nonsense?”

“Oh by the way_,” said Cinnamon, finally lifting her head from her coffee cup, “Did you know that Boo Boo’s Bed and Poster store is advertising on Storm and Helios’ blog? Charlie the Manager, my cousin on my mother’s side thrice removed, said that their sales have picked up thirty percent! Isn’t that wonderful?”

‘Well Cinnamon, I am still puzzled. What does the oak tree have to do with this whole affair, my friend.”

“Well, we both know that there are no trees there where the accident occurred. In fact, the land is pretty barren all the way to the cliffs. But, did you know that back in the 1700’s there used to be a large grove of ancient trees where the accident occurred at Mile marker 77? Amid stern public outcry, even back then, every last tree was cut down to widen the road for horses and buggies.

“My grandfather, Emitt Boo Boo James, a city planner once told me before he passed, that rumor had it that the last tree from that grove—an oak tree, was cut down on July 7, 1777. Grandpa Boo Boo would tell us, kids, centuries-old bedtime stories of townsfolk who claimed that they saw that last oak tree still standing at night whenever the fog rolled in off the Bay.”

***To Be Continued***

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  1. Ah
    Isn’t the Old Oak Tree rooted in wonderful and mysterious stories just like yours…
    Cinnamon is such a wonderful name, also boo boo in stories like these.

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    1. Yes choosing names for stories is fun😊 I am.never sure what pops into my mind.
      You are right, oak trees have their own lore and mystique in almost every age in history.


      1. Oh it’s spontaneous, that’s interesting. I thought they jump out of situatiions, out of nowhere is fascinating. You find funny and cute names.

        Oh yes lore is just the right word. I love that. Oaks do. In fact the whole forest.

        The numbers and months you play around with also fascinates me.

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