35 thoughts on “Groundhog – Haiku 2022

    1. Some say the North American tradition of groundhog day Feb 2 began as a service of the church where candles were blessed and handed out in Winter. The length of the candle predicted how much longer winter would last. Today the tradition is observed by watching the behavior of a little fury guy or gal (groundhog). If the groundhog sees its shadow when it peeks out its burrow on Feb 2…then we are in for six more weeks of winter.
      Apparently this year the famous groundhogs have determined that we are in for six more weeks of winter in Canada.๐Ÿ˜Š

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  1. Hi Suzette, I also did my own research into the groundhog. There is another connection to German lore where the Badger was often the predictor of the weather. The Pennsylvania Dutch, who spoke German, were originators of the Groundhog Day tradition, seemed to have blended the Candlemas tradition with the Badger tradition and came up with Groundhog day.

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  2. “Phil” may be a groundhog but is also a scapegoat I’m blaming for a lot of things. -40 degrees…Phil. car won’t start…Phil. The bad snowstorm we will have in April…Phil. Not superstitious here at all!

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