The Galactic Conference – A Short Story

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“Honey is it me or does the moon look a bit stranger tonight? Last week it was a red heart. Tonight, the heart beams golden hues.”

“It’s late, honey come to bed,” replied his wife. “We have a busy day tomorrow, at the urgent galactic conference.”

Shrugging his shoulders, he tore himself away from the sudden phenomenon. Then, Commander Joshua Zeron closed the portal of his bedroom chamber on Hubble Space Station X.


“Are you ready?” His wife, Mission Commander Karlie Zeron asked early the next morning.

“Yes, I know what to say. I had a revelation just before Dawn’s light.”

“Okay, you are up on the podium next.”

Walking up to the podium, Commander Joshua Zeron looked out into the billions of souls seated at the impromptu galactic conference. They waited. They waited to hear his theory on the moon’s unusual shape.

He said,

“For two thousand years since our ancestors escaped earth’s decaying atmosphere and crammed every living being onto the original Hubble space station, we have lived, flourished, and waited for a sign.”

“My fellow travelers in this galactic wilderness, that sign has come. The unusually shaped moon is the heart of God welcoming us back home…to a new Earth.”

The galactic conference attendees responded with thunderous applause. Some sat in silence weeping tears of joy.

****The End?***

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Caress – February 1, 2022

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    1. Oh wow! That is humbling praise.
      I cannot lay claim to this marvelous genre. It has been around for a long time. Thanks to a famous work you may have heard of; “A Canticle For Leibovitz ” by Walter Miller Jr. A book written to public and literary acclaim in the late 50’s.

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