The Carrot Caper – A Short Story

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Twirling around in the courtyard of his hutch complex, Arthur quipped, “where are they?”

His ears perking with excitement, he hopped to each of his neighbors’ hutches and enquired, “Have you seen my juicy bunch of carrots? I found them in the courtyard. They were the organic ones.”

Each neighbor, in turn, shook their head, “No.”

However, when he arrived at Charlie’s hutch, although he shook his head, “No,” Arthur noticed that Charlie’s hindquarters seemed unusually plump.

With vigor, Arthur pounced on Charlie, dislodging him from his seat. And there lay the missing bunch of carrots.

A tug of war ensued with both parties rolling around on the floor clutching either end of the bunch of carrots.

Suddenly, a human hand reached into the fray snatching the carrots from the feuding bunnies.

“Now play nice you two,” said their human mom, Sandy. “Here’s one for you, Arthur, and one for you Charlie. Then, she continued sharing the bunch of carrots among all the other bunnies.”

Finally, there was peace in the hutches as the bunnies quietly enjoyed their carrots.

****The End****

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25 thoughts on “The Carrot Caper – A Short Story

  1. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Trust me in the world of fairytale, which often reflect the human condition, the dwarfs and the bunnies always need a princesses to restore some sort of order.

    Such a sweet vegetable
    Fresh or cooked
    And an even sweeter tale.

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