Winter Snow Storm – Haiku 2022

New England – Image credit: theaisinvisible / Twenty20

winter snowstorm hems

backyards stitch icy patterns

satin clouds sew seams

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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24 thoughts on “Winter Snow Storm – Haiku 2022

      1. 😊, oh thank you for the honorable title.
        You are most welcome.
        My mind enjoyed the moment
        It should be seamstresses, isn’t it.
        What a beautiful word to behold in its plural form. So many of them to bind one winter garment.
        An angelic skill thinks me.

        Thank you and the very same to you.

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    1. Thank you Jeff for your attention to the technique in this one. I appreciate your discerning gaze on the haiku’s structure. It was a fun to write. So glad you enjoyed it.
      Thank you for your support. Very much appreciated. πŸ™‚

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