34 thoughts on “Axe – Haiku 2022

  1. Yes, that’s the big difference
    Oh how i miss my woodpeckers
    I don’t see them much around here
    I must investigate for the reason why.

    Love how the chips fall…
    And the tree loves the feel of the peck on the back.

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    1. They are pretty industrious little birds. I am no expert but they have a large area in which they forage. Perhaps they found another area in their vast range in which to subsist.

      I love love your expression that the trees love the pecking on the backs…great imagery. Woodpeckers…tree massage specialists😊

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      1. Good morning Suzette. Yes they are. I had the pleasure of watching them at work whilst hollowing a tree for a nest. Beautiful birds, wonderful to watch in their concentrated work, plying away.

        Yes, i haven’t seen them in my garden, maybe they haven’t found a tree that is interesting

        Lol, yes and I think that the trees just love it.
        Indeed, massage specialist…lol…you scratch my back for a nest.
        😊 that’s the nature of things out in the garden.

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      2. Hello Suzette
        Absolutely, they are. Good looking too.

        Lol, sweet one …yep, “as you wait upon your next flight”
        What nature all teaches us, is too pleasing for all the senses

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