39 thoughts on “Time – Haiku 2022

  1. Patience and Time
    Seizing the day

    Then letting it go

    Vintage, the tales
    of teacup and saucer

    Museum exhibits
    Decor for cafe shops

    Beautiful image and haiku

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    1. Your comments brings such warm feelings about the image and poem, thank you for our lavish attention to detail in both photo and poem. You are a blessing, Abi. Thank you.
      Have an awesome day!


      1. Exquisite link between word and image. You are a blessing poet.

        I don’t have a solid connection. The network is very busy.

        Thank you…wishing a wonderful day.

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  2. Yes, time is precious and a good subject for haiku. Here is another take:

            *Is Time Travel a Fantasy?*
                    No. It just happens
                    (whether we like it or not)
                    on a fixed schedule.

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