Quote + Haiku (010222) Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

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“… No matter the intent or heartfelt emotion, not all promises could be kept.”

― Sherrilyn Kenyon


Haiku inspired by the above quote:

promises screeching

like iron on icy tracks

braking covenants

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Promises – December 23, 2021

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27 thoughts on “Quote + Haiku (010222) Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

  1. I’m just wondering the context of the quote

    But how this is life as explored through the haiku.

    I love trains. Growing up, I always lived close to the railway line, well, in far walking distance. Back in the day they were the red brick ones before the metro came out with the friendly looking yellow. On my way to piano lessons I needed to cross a railway line. The better off lived on the otherside, so too our music teachers. Since I was weary about using the subway as a kid, I crossed with my kid sister at the turnstile. There was no revolving gate but that is the name we gave it. A dangerous spot, but from there we could here the screech of the train coming to a stop at the station.
    At that noise we stopped dead our I think it always shook our brains a bit, just like broken promises.

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  2. The context of the quote is the musings of a character on a quest in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dragonsbane, Dark Hunter Series

    Yes, I si know what you mean and, your recollections bring back memories for me too.
    I do love trains. For some reason wherever I have lived there were trains nearby or sounding their horns in the distance.

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    1. Aah…thank you. I’m happy i asked the question.

      Yes, are they not marvelous inventions. Back in the day we even had a tram.
      Sadly the authorities in my country are not romantic about the illustrious history of railways and trains in my country. It’s in a mess.

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      1. Yes, it’s like a terrible movie in real time we see how the infrastructure is falling apart.

        A lot of good indeed. Of course there are many stories about trains being held up…but it has supported the land, rural development and urbanization on a large scale.

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      2. Yes it is late afternoon here. Im enjoying the retreat and the tranquility.
        The potjie is on the fire, there is a feeling of returning home all around the place.

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