The Vacation – A Short Story

Bellagio Hotel – Image Credit: Krista Marie Diamond / Business Insider

**An Inspector Pugsy mystery**

The blood trail was invisible. But, The Inspector’s keen nose picked it up straight away, as he and his Assistant left the elevator towards their hotel room.

He began the distinctive hunching of his back and yanked on his leash trying to follow the scent of human blood down the pristine-looking hotel hallway.

“Please Pugsy stop it. We are on holiday. You don’t have to potter off chasing every little scent trail,” said his Assistant bending over and hugging him tightly both in affection and, in an attempt she knew would be unsuccessful, to halt his pursuit.

Inspector Pugsy sensed that something was very wrong—holiday vacation or no, he had to follow his nose.

He remained motionless for a second, as his Assistant stood up. Then, he saw his escape—and he took it. He leaped from his Assistant’s side racing down the hotel hallway. His leash, trailing on the carpet, followed him doggedly.

He bounded full speed ahead following the scent. The updraft from his plight rippled the skin around his nose and jowls, like flags flapping in the breeze.

He stopped to check the scent trail as he negotiated a bend in the hotel’s pawsh hallway. Then, the trail stopped at a hotel room door. It was locked. A “Do not disturb” sign hung aimlessly around the door handle.

He sat down excitedly in front of the locked door, but he couldn’t contain his concern. He stood up, his entire body wriggling. Then, The Inspector began his signature barking as loud as he could muster without any paws.

The barking kerfuffle sparked interest from nearby hotel guests who opened their doors and peered out into the hallway. His Assistant along with two hotel staff and one other hotel guest blazed a trail towards The Inspector. The hotel staff unlocked the hotel room door to a startling scene. A guest lay unconscious on the floor.

Later that day, the Hotel Manager sent extra treats to The Inspector’s room, and gifted him five more nights free, in gratitude.

Several days later, The Inspector’s Assistant discovered through discreet channels (i.e. gossip), that one of the hotel guests on the same floor had suffered a slight nose bleed while going for ice, near the elevator. And, in her weakened state from existing health complications, she fell unconscious inside her room upon her return trip from the ice machine.

Following a brief stay at nearby Mountview Hospital, the hotel guest was discharged with no restrictions, free to resume her recuperative vacation.

If it were not for The Inspector’s pugnacity, the unconscious hotel guest would not have been discovered until the next morning when housekeeping made their rounds.

Once again, Inspector Pugsy did not flea the scene. He paws-ed his vacation to follow his nose.

****The End****

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44 thoughts on “The Vacation – A Short Story

  1. ♡gifted him five more nights free, in gratitude.♡

    Shew five nights, imagine having a runt like Pugsy by your side, the Assistant got lucky too


    ♡Once again, Inspector Pugsy did not flea the scene. He paws-ed his vacation to follow his nose.♡

    The reader is Pugsyfied


    1. I love the word “shew” perfect! The Assistant benefits from the spoils of the work…and rightly so😊

      I am glad that you enjoyed the tale. It was a pleasure to read your delightful comments. Thank you my friend.
      Blessings on your day. Cheers

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  2. This is a great story Suzette. I didn’t guess it was a dog at first, so nice surprise.

    Lots of your excellent sense of humor there as well. Blessings to you and your family. Love ❤️ Joni

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