The Gem – Finale – A Short Story

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A fictional short story series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

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In the valley of Zin, there was a strange thunder.

Above ground, it was deathly quiet. The Sunbaked sand dunes as high as Eiffel towers quivered unrelenting heat. Breezes from the far away Nile, provided no relief.

Below ground, the source of the thunder came to life in a swirling wind. A wind that cooled the burial tombs to subzero temperatures.

Into this below-ground wasteland, the gleaming hourglass with Whynn and her aunt Meg inside teetered upon its arrival. The hourglass abruptly expelled the two souls and then it vanished.

The darkness was cold. The cold—was even darker.

“I don’t like this place, Meg. Where are we? Are we lost?”

“We are never lost Whynn. We are nowhere, and everywhere at the same time. Everything will be okay, follow my instructions, exactly.”

Suddenly, deafening thunder roared. The tomb shook violently. Whynn and Meg were catapulted, with tremendous force. The force pulled them closer and closer to King Fumauiti’s sorcerer’s sarcophagus. The lid was sealed with a golden glow around its edges. A strange blue light suddenly illuminated the macabre environment.

Whynn could not believe her eyes.

Her aunt Meg held her hand reassuringly and said: “Its okay Whynn. Take the gem, and give it away, for good. You will know when.”

Suddenly, out of the sound of thunder, a living being formed. It rose tall and grand with blue wings. It held the hourglass which had just deposited Whynn and Meg into the tomb, in its right hand. Its height was as tall as the Burj Khalifa rising out of the sand. It had the face of a woman—Whynn’s mother, Gemma.

Its voice thundered with compassion, a voice—Whynn recognized immediately. It said,

“Whynn, please give me the gem. You will never see it again. You will remember everything. Understand, my darling girl?”


Sobbing until she had no more tears, Whynn took the gem from Meg, and with it in her outstretched hand said,

“I understand Mom.”

Suddenly a swirling cavernous dark circle appeared. Its touch, so icy cold it burned, knocked the gem from Whynn’s hand. It was King Fumauiti’s consciousness in the form of the person Whynn knew as Dr. D’jet.

Dr. D’jet/King Fumauiti hurriedly began reciting the incantation he hoped would give him eternal physical form. The same incantation that failed thousands of years ago.

Whynn’s mother’s voice reverberated, echoing from all sides in the tomb. “Stop!” she said, “Time is a circle. You, King Fumauiti cannot break it!”

Then the being/Whynn’s mother picked up the gem before Dr. D’jet/King Fumauiti could complete the incantation.

Howling a blood-curdling scream—a cry from deep within his soul, in dread at the thought of eternal darkness without form, Dr. D’jet/King Fumauiti vanished into the walls of his sorcerer’s sarcophagus…entombed forever in the letters of its hieroglyph warning: “Meddle not in time’s circle of life, O King.”

In the next moment, Whynn was in her bedroom dressed in her pajamas and robe.

She remembered everything.

She tiptoed on the cold floor tiles and made her way downstairs. There was a new spring in her step. She made herself a hot bowl of French Canadian pea soup, just like her mother, Gemma used to make.

Musing out loud to herself as she sipped the soothing hot soup, she whispered:

“Not everything once hidden, is meant to be found.”

***The End**

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