The Hidden Part 5 – A Sunday Short Story

Image credit: Gerd Altmann/ Pixabay; Lazy_Bear / Twenty20

**A fictional tale Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Twelve miles away, while his rogue operatives marched across the island in search of Willia, and the key fob in her possession, dishonorably discharged Major Zoar, sat inside “The Hidden’s” cloaking aura, sipping coffee, brooding.

He rehearsed mentally, his plans to cripple the Navy’s seventh fleet, its largest armada, as he stirred the last dregs of his coffee with his combat knife, in deliberate stabbing strokes.

So deep in his rage’s fervor, he noticed, neither the sound of the engine of the rescue seaplane circling 10 kilometers south of his location nor, the sudden start of a silent countdown timer on his wrist-control device for “The Hidden” program, he had stolen.

For thirty five years he had worked on and perfected “The Hidden” program for Naval Intelligence. His decision to sell the program on the open market resulted in: his dishonorable discharge, his pension being revoked, and his name scrubbed from Naval records as “The Hidden” program’s progenitor.


Meanwhile, a few moments earlier, at the other end of the tiny island, Willia, Vertical and Baroness hunkered down, listening to the lake’s rippling water chatter to the cool breeze, in the dimming twilight.

Suddenly, Willia jumped up alertly. “I thought I heard something over there in the bushes heading our way!”

“I’ll go ahead and scout it out, wait here,” offered Vertical. At which, Baroness cautioned, “We should not separate, it is getting dark, let’s stick together. “

“Good idea,” said Willia holding on to “The Hidden’s” key fob on its lanyard around her neck.

“I had better turn this on, in case another strike is planned for us, or worse.”

“Remember,” Willia explained, “When I turn the key fob on, if another copy or part of “The Hidden” program is already active, the key fob’s counter measures will assume that the program has been compromised. Therefore, it will trigger the wrist component to self destruct.”

In the quiet stillness of the dark that caresses at twilight, and with the pristine St. Regis lake waters at her back, Willia turned on “The Hidden’s” key fob.

Then—all hell broke loose.

“The Hidden’s” key fob emitted a high pitched beeping sound stabbing the silence with alacrity. The alarm-clock like sound bellowed overzealously on repeat, like persistent thunder in a hurricane.

Then, as suddenly as it began, the raucous ended. Next, inexplicably, the key fob became a super charged blinking flashlight, lighting the area and the night sky, like outdoor lighting at the holidays.

Vertical, shocked by the unusual behavior of “The Hidden’s” key fob whispered to Willia, “What’s happening?”

Willia said, turning to Baroness, her tall figure gleaming in the extreme bright light, “Mom, you are the expert, what is happening.”

Before Baroness could respond, suddenly, they heard the loud clamor of urgent boots, crunching on the ground cover in between the trees, advancing towards them.

Moreover, the key fob’s siren-like sound had traveled the entire island to Zoar’s ears. Quickly, he uncloaked. At which, the control device on his wrist exploded causing a small painful blister on his forearm. He shook his arm vigorously, while hollering into the cool night air, a four letter expletive using it both as a noun, and as an adjective in his utterance.

Grabbing his AK47 rifle, Zoar sped through the thick brush in the darkness, heading for the gleaming blue light. A few short kilometers into his hasty advance in the darkness, he tripped violently on an unseen object, and was knocked unconscious.


Meanwhile at the other end of the small island, Baroness said, “No time for a technology briefing kids. Suffice it to say, the key fob is alerting us that danger is coming fast! Willia please recite your part of the authorization code to cloak; then I will reply with the code to engage “The Hidden.””

At the very same moment, Zoar’s team arrived where Willia, Vertical and Baroness stood. In silence, they stood motionless, in precision firing squad style with their AK47 rifles poised to fire.

Hurriedly, Willia said into the key fob, “Alpha 7759936.”

The flashing blue light turned solid green engulfing Willia, Vertical and Baroness in a glowing orb. “The Hidden’s” beyond-space-age technology employed a titanium membrane-like alloy to bend light around itself, creating an impenetrable shield for whatever, or whomever was inside. As the orb materialized around them, the remaining leaves on the nearby Sugar Maple trees, fell all at once in a circular heap.

In a heart-pounding split second, while Zoar’s team suddenly began marching toward them with ill intent, Baroness leaned closer to the key fob in Willia’s hand, and said,

“Omega 6399579. Engage, Engage!”

As the orb cloaked, instantaneously Zoar’s team fired. The hail of 7.62 sub sonic 39 millimeter bullets meant for Willia, Vertical and Baroness dropped harmlessly into the leaf piles around their invisible fortress.

****To be continued in the finale next week ****

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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23 thoughts on “The Hidden Part 5 – A Sunday Short Story

  1. Wow wow wow
    Only impeccable scientific and technological credentials can write and capture our imagination with a short story like this.

    Brilliant exciting and captivating.
    It’s a movie
    I can’t wait for the next episode

    Mom???? Did I hear properly 🤔

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