The Gem – Part 2 – A Short Story

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A fictional short story series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

The gem in Whynn’s possession had been written up the ancient books reputedly, from Alexander The Great’s lost library.

Legend had it that the gem was an enchanted talisman. And, trapped within it, was an entity who held the secrets to time itself.

Examining events of the past few days in her mind, as she performed her weekly shopping, Whynn began to suspect that the gem and instances of seeing Meg were somehow related.

Therefore, when suddenly, a visage standing in front of her confirmed that she was not Meg, startled, Whynn dropped the gem, on the floor of her neighborhood Walmart store, and ran.

She rushed out of the store without her shopping, and dashed feverishly to her Volvo station wagon.

Fumbling anxiously in her bag for her cell phone, she called her Supervisor. Whynn expressed her regret for withholding the gem she and her dig team found in King Fahamuiti’s sorcerer’s tomb this past Summer.

“What are talking about Whynn,” Greg, her Supervisor asked, having listened patiently to her confession. “I was just on the other line with the Antiquities Representative of the Cairo Museum, New York Division. A few moments ago, a package with the gem and your research notes from the dig, was left on the Museum’s loading dock. No apologies needed Whynn, thanks for sending it to them. See you at work on Monday.”

“Oh, by the way,” her Supervisor continued, “Something strange happened before you called. A woman came by to see you. Said she was a friend. She left you a gift in a red box with “thank you,” written on the outside envelope.”

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****To be continued****

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31 thoughts on “The Gem – Part 2 – A Short Story

  1. And after the Supervisor spoke Whynn goes absolutely quiet.
    What do we know, the entity trapped within it, was an entity who held the secrets to time itself and all of Whynn’s past lives ?

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  2. Took me some time to actually catch the ending. Such a remarkable twist! It was rather exciting to know that the gem was getting a part 2 😉 Loevely finish. A story well done with good closure! 👌

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  3. Amazing story! The details and twists fill the reader with questions and an appetite for answers. As a writer, your words involve the reader in the process, but you save the special gem for the absolute best moment.

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