Peels – A Very Short Story

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**A fictional tale**

“I wonder where my shoes are?” said Peels to herself, stopping to rest her sore feet, leaning on a Manhattan street wall at midnight.

“Where is everybody?” Her voice echoed in her mind, as she suddenly noticed the empty streets, except for the odd yellow taxi cab creeping by.

Then she saw him.

He walked towards her from 3rd and 65th street. He spoke but she could not hear his words.

She tried to speak the words forming in her mind, “You look familiar. Have we met?” But, she knew that no sound would accompany her words.

He walked past her and smiled, gently pressing a key into her palm.

In the next moment, she heard her husband, seated at the edge of the bed in their Pasadena bungalow, asking with expectancy,

“Did you get it?”

Peels sitting up, dressed in street clothes except for her shoes, rubbed sleep from her eyes and said with relief in her voice,

“This time, I finally saw him.”

And, opening her left hand, she revealed the key to her late grandfather’s safety deposit box. A key which they had lost one year ago, to the day.

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