“… a sacred space within”

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“Peace is a sacred space within, it is the temple of our internal landscape. We are free to visit it, whenever we seek sanctuary… go within.”

― Jaeda DeWalt

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10 thoughts on ““… a sacred space within”

  1. I think you have to seek out peace. I also think to have relative peace you need to be content and to get that you need to get your house in order. There are so many steps to take to get peace, it isn’t just as simple as watching the waves or sitting in a garden. That may calm you down but it doesn’t bring peace.

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  2. I love freebies and this is an exquisite haven, if one can keep all the rooms fresh and tidy and fragrant. But of course this can only be done if we dust, throw away and polish.

    I hope you are well Suzette?
    You’ve been gone for two days.
    Wishing you a blessed weekend

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    1. Ah sublime advice for a whole lot of life,
      “if we dust, throw away and polish.”
      I am doing well, thank you so much.
      Blessings in abundance to you. And a blessed weekend to you as well.🌸💖😊👍

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      1. Yea!!!!….that’s good to hear. We have very bad connection on my side of the globe. The network is down most of the time.
        Thank you🌝❤

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