Bargain Fixer-Upper – A Short Story

“Honey is the muffler still attached?” Said, Kelly to her husband Greg on their way out of town on a romantic winter weekend retreat. “I thought I heard a loud clang back there somewhere when we turned the corner. And, now there is billowing smoke behind us.” “Nonsense!” said Greg pleased with his second hand car, bought fully loaded including chains for the tires. “She (the car) is running like a dream,” Greg replied.

A few minutes later… Kelly jumps in her seat by a noise, “What was that!” she asked, as the chains, snapped off the back tires. Greg pulled over and looked at Kelly with a serious expression on his face. Kelly, concerned, asked, “What is the matter, honey?”

Greg said to Kelly, “I should have trusted your instincts when you said that this bargain fixer-upper car, sounded too good to be true.”


Written for Sadje’s What Do You See # 89 – July 5, 2021


Published by Suzette Benjamin

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32 thoughts on “Bargain Fixer-Upper – A Short Story

  1. I don’t know what happened to K&G’s -◇ interesting names for the characters by the way◇- trabant. These old eastern german cars are still going strong in my country, especially the convertible, a luxury item nowadays. I wonder what Erich Ernst Paul Honecker would’ve said about that.
    I’ve also had a couple of old jammies in my heydey, and wow I must say the old alpha gave us some beauty rides through the mountain passes. And we didn’t really mind, everytime we stopped some where for a coffee she needed a push or two…lol, to start her up again😍

    George you right, Kelly had the instinct, you should’ve listened to the woman.
    But don’t sell the trabant short. With a good mechanic in the future you could experience a vintage drive.

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