Garden of the gods – A Haiku

Garden of the gods, Colorado – Image by rolandoserrano29 / Twenty20

Sandstone guardians

Walking among sleeping giants

The three graces lead


Remarks: Garden of the gods is a National Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. Interesting ancient formations in red and pink sandstone populate the park. “Sleeping Giant” and “The Three Graces” are the names of two such formations.

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26 thoughts on “Garden of the gods – A Haiku

  1. I can only imagine the sight of red and pink sandstone
    Magnificent formations, a wonderful sight to be hold.
    Awesome how the three graces lead the way

    I just did a quick search and found this:-
    [the creation myth of the native Ute people cites this location as the spot where all life began]
    Fascinating how formations come together and interpreted

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    1. You nailed it. Yes the Ute and peoples who used that land as a walkway through and from their winter lands is of deep spiritual significance. Indeed there is a sacredness of the place when one visits.

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