Nova Scotia – A Haiku

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia – Image by vjdmd / Twenty20

Mayflower fragrant

Inlets, harbors and coves

An ocean playground


Remarks: The mayflower is Nova Scotia’s official flower. Its license plate slogan is “Canada’s Ocean Playground”

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45 thoughts on “Nova Scotia – A Haiku

  1. Beautiful poem for a beautiful place. I know it’s not your picture, but it’s interesting to see a picture of Peggy’s Cove without the lighthouse. It’s a nice area outside of the lighthouse too 🙂 Maggie

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  2. I spent a couple of months working in Nova Scotia one summer about 30 years ago. I loved it .The music heritage they have has a Scottish/ Irish feel but is so contemporary in its sound it is truly Nova Scotian. And the scenery is a delight. Your Haiku does it justice!

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    1. Yes, my visit was a very long time ago. But recently I have been thinking about Nova Scotia…not sure why. It is a beautiful place and relaxed lifestyle. Thank you😊


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