Jewellers – A Poem

Image by veronika_ee / Twenty20

Words β€” precious gems

Mined, weighed on the writer’s lapidary scale,

Examined, scrutinized for quality and clarity.

Cut into syllables, chiseled into memory facets.

Wordsmiths, writers, poets; linguistic jewellers all,


No creative stone unturned,

Polishing words

Into hope’s diamond.


Their inscriptions;

Imagination’s calligraphy,

Into the rings of the soul.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

35 thoughts on “Jewellers – A Poem

      1. Hello Suzette,
        Reading is such a private journey, one is alone with opinion and thoughts and for most readers they remain secret and private. It’s the reader turn public critic of literature and poetry who are fascinate and I’m mostly impressed by their boldness to do a review.

        🌝,so thank youβ™₯️, it’s nice to touch the waters in that way at times.


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