28-5 – A Short Story

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A short story in 100 words~~~~~~~~~~~~

He’d been driving around the block for over an hour mustering the courage to knock on the door at 28-5. He shuddered; his stomach churning in knots. He was certain this was the address he decrypted from the note the server gave him at the restaurant. That he had uncovered the secret after a decade-long search was exhilarating.

He waited. But, she did not show. Puzzled but confident, Harold decided to return to the restaurant. Upon entering, the maître d’ whispered politely, “Good afternoon Sir welcome back, you still owe $28.50 on your bill. How would you like to pay?


Written for Sadje’s What Do You See #81

#WDYS, #keepitalive

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27 thoughts on “28-5 – A Short Story

  1. He left the restaurant without paying?
    Was he dreaming when the 28-5 first registered…
    I don’t know what to feel, I’m laughing. I don’t know dollar that sounds like a lot of money

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      1. Really, i haven’t kept up with the exchange rate

        Lol….yes i thought soo….that was a great 100 words…lol….the hedges need trimming

        Hope your Friday is wonderful
        I’m a lil’tired

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