London: Part 2 – A Sunday Short Story

One of London’s historic alleyways – Image by Anguskirk /

A fictional mystery – Link to Part 1 here.


A shadow, headlights, the alleyway, and the mist collapsed, folding into a makeshift time capsule.

Mrs. Pwaroon awoke on the sidewalk, into the ethereal after effects of chloroform. Her steely-nerved diminutive frame, strewn on the sidewalk.

Christy shaken, checked the compartment in the underarm of her coat – the envelope was still there.

At that moment, headlights at the end the alley, signaled her building “Custodian’s” always punctual arrival at work.

Ms. Eva Coledim, a kind hearted soul, reliable and skilled; but not in the custodial arts. Instead, Ms. Eva Coledim a retired police officer provided the necessary service of body guard.

Eva assisted Christy into her car from where, the two planned to travel to Royal London Hospital’s emergency.

However, the two did not notice the shadowy figure lurking as they drove away.

As Christy half lay in Eva’s car, she checked her pockets for her keys. Someone had placed a piece of vintage note paper in her coat pocket.

Its letters, oddly, disappearing the more they were exposed to the light, read –

K__p… _nv_lop_…saf_…cont_nts, …int_rnational importanc_.”

It was then that it occurred to Christy in a flash of inspiration – “The envelope is not empty!”

**** To be continued

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