Antiquity’s Neon – A Haiku

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Modernity’s glow

Antiquity’s neon paint

Enchanting waters


Written for Eugi’s weekly prompt, April 15, 2021

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

19 thoughts on “Antiquity’s Neon – A Haiku

    1. Not sure what you had in mind as part of speech. But I was using, possessive phrasing to personify “antiquity” giving it human qualities (i.e the ability to paint or contain paint like a paint can). Moreover, I was using apostrophe (‘s) to show ownership of the paint in juxtaposition to the expected meaning normally associated with the noun or proper noun “antiquity”😊

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      1. Yes i recognise what you did there. But thank you for shari ng how you approached your material and subject.
        Its still sitting there unlit in the back of my mind. Maybe it will come to me.

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