Blush – An American Sentence

Image by Sarangib / Pixabay

Tropical fruit trees

Blush anticipating

Sunrise each morning

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19 thoughts on “Blush – An American Sentence

  1. I love the sentence. I have never heard it before, let alone the accent.

    Looks like a mango
    And mind you I haven’t tasted much mango this year and now we are moving into winter. The seem scarce, like tomatoe and avocado

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    1. An American sentence is a poetic form – a poem, one sentence in length of exactly 17 syllables.

      Yes, mangos are plentiful in the tropic. The picking season for its ripe fruit is short. A special delicacy indeed.🥭🥭❤


      1. Ah that’s new to me. Never ever read something like that before.. Lovely title for the 17 syllables and the image.
        Yes very short and people mostly make preservatives of the green fruit.

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