Tales of Giants – A Poem

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

There are woodlands alive with the Cedars of Lebanon

Primeval forest watering untrodden gardens of Babylon:

Mist-muffled bark whispering tales of giants, Nephilim,

Immortalizing trees extinct and alive in Earth’s anthem.

That well-worn path is not the way in; but, the way out.

For all who enter, enter only through imagination’s sap,

Feeling the cool ground covering feet in floral giftwrap,

Plucking restoration’s fragrant flora,

In yellow handfuls of lady slippers,

Dancing home among cucumber magnolias.


Written for Sadje’s What Do You See #74 March 22, 2021



Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

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