Butter cup ~ Paula’s Tuesday Story 13

“If the moon were autumn leaves, the Sun would be “Big Ben” sized peanut butter cups, shining over The Thames,” Ariadne thought as she nibbled her treasure, in the morning damp of the London mist. She found treasure in her handbag; a two pack of peanut butter cups. The morsels tasted like elixir on days like this. She loved the sweet inner warmth of the outside damp and wet.

Ariadne was thinking of all the things she loved about wet weather. She so enjoyed the sights and smells of autumn. Fall leaves floating in pools of rippling water — nature’s coins in impromptu fountains. As she reminisced under the dim of the street lamp, Ariadne remembered her childhood days. She would splash in puddles arriving home with soggy socks and dry shoes, to her mother’s consternation. She would remove her rain boots, put them in a bag to keep them dry. Then hop with both feet, in every puddle she could find on the way home. Her response to her mom was always the same, “But you told me not to get my shoes wet!” Ariadne smiled to herself, as she shared a peanut butter cup with her grandson, as the two continued their stroll along the shoreline.


Written for Paula’s Tuesday Story 13


Published by Suzette Benjamin

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  1. Many years ago, I had neighbors with 2 kids that walked differently on rainy days.  The girl carefully avoided puddles.  The boy stomped in them.

    Glad to see Ariadne being like the neighbors’ boy.  U go, girl.

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