Vancouver Island – A Short Story ~ Paula’s Tuesday Story 12

Suddenly, it was pitch dark on the island. The power had gone out, everywhere. It was an uncomfortable darkness.

When she last checked, the time on her favorite clock was almost twenty minutes before midnight. The eighties-style, battery powered clock. was a cherished gift, marking her arrival on the island, years ago, after the incident.

She remained seated in the gloom, shuffling her hands authoritatively across her dining table, like a croupier at a fancy casino table, dispensing cards to expensively dressed patrons.

Finally, her hands hit her target, albeit, a bit too forcefully. In the Conrad-like darkness, her teacup and its saucer careened shattering with a loud clang onto the floor. Her favorite tea, chamomile, dripping into the Dante-esque abyss of that dark night.

She decided to call to James in the next room. She had heard his voice earlier. He had come inside from his patrol.

Desperate for some company, she called his name again. But there was no answer. She called a bit louder. And yet, the darkness did not respond.

She was not worried. She knew that James would find her. He could see in the dark, quite well. The wind, rain and thunder howled outside the small Vancouver Island cottage. She was used to these storms.

But, suddenly she saw those eyes in the thick darkness. They moved closer, slowly growing larger. The eyes stared, first yellow then they turned blue. They seemed to be following her. Terror flew in. She was deeply shaken.

She shrieked, “who are you! Stay back!” She tried to reach for something, anything, to defend herself. But she could not.

She yelled, her voice trembling, “I said who are you!” Then, suddenly, the power came back on. She smiled a sigh of relief.

James was too busy enjoying his late night milk to respond to her calls. James was Ms. Goldfinger’s Siamese cat. His coat was so dark, she nicknamed him “Midnight.” Ms. Goldfinger reached down to pet Midnight, as he meowed softly, curling up beside her feet. She checked the time on her clock; it was now midnight.


Written for Paula’s Light Motifs Tuesday Story 12


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