Eh! – A Poem

Lion’s Gate Bridge – Photo by Adi kavazovic from Pexels

Poutine fries, loaded ships sailing barges on the great lakes

Pop not soda fizzes hum like poured coffee from pal tims

Holding fast to the vowel hinterland, schmoozing the “u;”

Colour not color, loosen up those vocals, ‘caught’ not ‘cot.’

Not to mention that silent vowel – ‘eh’ where ‘hey’ shushes ‘h’

Where saying sorry is the same as hello;

Entire conversations, tuques of ‘sorry,’ each

‘Sorry’ repeated as different parts of speech.

Canada, snowshoeing south, north the 49th, Queen’s rook

Swimming higher and harder than salmon in a Chinook.


Inspired by a post by Ashley Leia Peterson at Mental Health@Home

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

28 thoughts on “Eh! – A Poem

  1. Very cleverly written piece. I love the way you’ve Incorporated the language of the area. Great piece my friend very well written.
    Hope everyone is doing well and your family and you are blessed. Have an amazing week my friend love Joni

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