Deeper – A Short Story ~ Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

It was a blistering midday in Summer. The two had been running full speed for almost two kilometers. They had escaped. Exhausted, but yet they could not stop. They could hear the voice calling their names, getting closer. They must reach the deeper end of the lake. They knew the terrain. The ledge ahead was a short drop into the cool whirlpool. Finally, they made it.

They stopped briefly, to size up the rocky outcrop which formed the ledge, launch-pad to the water. They were breathing so heavily, each could hear their heart beat. With his voice almost unintelligible, breathless, the younger of the two, barked to his older sibling, “You go first!” To which the older brother, panting heavily, howled, “No, you go first. I won the bet!”

The footsteps chasing them had stopped. Suddenly, a familiar voice called out to them, “You two, get away from that ledge, there will be time enough for playing in the lake during your evening walk. It’s too hot outside right now!” Then, Rova and Deepa, the two greyhounds, turned and returned to their air-conditioned home with Athenia their human mom, following attentively behind.


Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday prompt #Writephoto – Deeper


Published by Suzette Benjamin

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  1. I like the twist you created at the end of this story. It was fun 🙂
    I’ve enjoyed reading your creative work. You’ve been blessed with gift Suzette.

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