Tiffany Rose – A Poem ~ Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Romance

Wash my soul in early morning dew from your blooms

May your Tiffany dress, smartly pressed green skirts,

Grace runway hedge bushes of tea roses the world over.

So fragile your gossamer radiance, yet your fragrance

Crafts romance; sheet music sung by memory’s cadence.

At a whiff of your mesmerizing perfume, hearts blossom

The room spins like galloping horses in a merry-go-round,

Frozen in place yet still in motion, enticing locomotion.

Darling tiffany tea rose your blooms; romance in treble clef

Slipping floral notes;

Ideas of romance

Onto your stems,

Your living music staff.


Written for Eugi’s Weekly prompt ~Writephoto Feb 11, 2021 – Romance

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

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