Branwen-Áine ~ Paula’s Tuesday Story 10

Branwen-Áine, Queen of the faeries, in her feather disguise to shield her eyes from the shadow guardian Gogologe, ponders her plight into the realm of the humans. She usually dreads the passage through the doorway she must take from her world to the dominion of the humans. In times past, in her lands, the Kumari-Mu, she and faerie legions could slip in and out of human realms unimpeded, through its many doorways ruled by Mabinogion (King of the sagas of the ancients).

Nowadays, there is one remaining entrance with many traps. Its guard, Gogologe never leaves his post. His ogre silhouette searches the eons in every direction. His many-eyed visage can peer into the soul’s deepest desires, good and bad. The sight of him gives the Queen the shivers, as she approaches his gated silhouette to request passage through the enchanted house plant with the watermelon pot; the only portal left into the realm of her friends, the humans. For most of the year, Gogologe rarely grants her request.

But, today would be different. Branwen-Áine knew she would have a less harrowing time appearing before Gogologe. Because, today is Valentine’s Day. On this day, by a small loop hole, the faeries have free access to the human realm.

You see, the faeries and Cupid – the messenger of love – are long time friends. And by universal edict, Cupid and anyone his faerie dart chooses as his ‘plus one,’ is allowed free passage into the human realm on Valentine’s Day.

Because, by eternal royal proclamation, Gogologe must permit love, to enter earth’s realm on that day.


Written for Paula’s Light Motifs II #Tuesdaystory 10


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