Zeus and Zenia – Paula’s Light Motif II – Tuesday Story 9

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Summer delivered a tantalizing tease. Zeus, the lion patriarch in the Nimba lands far beyond Nabeatron in the eons before the storm, surveyed his kingdom. An unusual and sudden breeze delivered a scented veil before his eyes. It was a fragrance he knew.

He paused his powerful and confident stride, turning up his face to drink in this gift of Mesmer. His head held high, lifting his jaw and impressive teeth to make room, to savor every drop of memory’s elixir, the only cooling breeze, in the otherwise torrid afternoon.

The aroma sailed on the heat waves, a welcomed gift to his taste of scent; a kalua kissed slow churned coffee sundae – illusory gastronomy catnip to all his feline, Felidae senses.

Zeus was puzzled by this sudden whiff of his beloved’s unique ambrosia which, all the riches of his vast kingdom could never purchase. Her own unique eau de parfum which had his Chanel number.

He had traveled months from home, on this journey, an arduous one even for him. Zenia, his beloved had delivered in seclusion, his first born, shortly before he left home to make his security rounds – Rounds he must make to protect his family from the marauders from Brenin (Lion) Yali.

It had been nine months, seven days and seven hours since he last saw Zenia. He had not yet seen his first born. As he turned to head home, Zeus told himself, with a heavy heart, that he would have to wait a bit longer to see his beloved. It would take him another seven months at least, to return home.

So, this ephemeral gift of his lioness’ pheromonal presence parachuting into the prevailing winds of his arduous journey, was a welcome mirage, a clandestine oasis grifted by his soul, to ease his loneliness. He thought.

He shored up his strength, remembering the reasons he made this journey across his vast domain. But, in the afternoon air, something familiar arrested his stride.

Zeus stood: transfixed, elated and overjoyed. Hope leaped from his chest as if his heart was beating for two. Walking towards him in the distance was Zenia with his firstborn son. Following closely behind her were Zeus’ best allies: MΓ³r Muman, Zenia’s mother and Airmed, Zenia’s aunt.

In her usual calm but powerful presence, like she owned the world, a confidence Zeus found irresistible in the lioness, Zenia strode to meet him with their new cub, their firstborn, dangling, gently squirming and safe, between her powerful yet tender jaws.

Zenia had decided it was time the newborn was introduced to his father. Therefore she rallied her family and made the journey to intercept Zeus on his rounds.

It was a family reunion and an introduction of a son to his father. To Zeus, this day; this nine month, seven day and seven hour wait to see his beloved and to greet his first born for the first time, was like hitting a lucky seven jackpot at an oasis resort. And, to his delight – this, was no mirage.


Written for Paula’s – Tuesday Story 9 Light Motifs II

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