Rock Sentinel ~writephoto Guarded – A Poem

Jettisoned from Valhalla’s cauldron, a warrior on a quest

This bedrock was once a mortal sentinel by Apollo’s request.

Today this folded stone scroll, this semblance of a talisman,

Immortalizes its guarded secrets in amber at its core

While, weary travelers ‘pon this rugged moor

Gaze only at an unassuming boulder.


Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt – Guarded #writephoto


Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

18 thoughts on “Rock Sentinel ~writephoto Guarded – A Poem

  1. Beautifully written my friend. Hope you have been well. I have been out for a while but I am back and it is great. I miss our wonderful community. Blessings to you and your loved ones. Sending hugs, blessings and love 🤗❤️💕😘🦋Joni


    1. I am glad to see you back Joni. Thank you for your always heartfelt support. And I totally agree WP is a wonderful community of support for us – a gift in many ways. Thank you for your blessings, I receive them. Sending blessing and love your way in bunches. Cheers. 🙏😊💖

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